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I am thrilled with my experience using Simbaligners! The Aligner treatment closely mirrored the initial simulation, and the hands-on team provided unwavering support throughout my journey. They answered all my questions, educated me on the process, and ensured I knew what to expect at every step. The ease and comfort of the treatment were truly remarkable, providing an excellent solution for me. Now, I can confidently say I love my smile! The inclusion of a free mid-treatment scan, comparing it side-by-side with the initial simulation, reassured me that we were on track with the treatment. Thank you, Simbaligners, for a transformational and personalized journey to a more beautiful smile!

Sonam Shah

Simbaligner are clear Aligner used to straighten teeth, which are crooked and not in line. As the Splints are colourless and thin, they give a certain comfort compared to braces. Aligners are colourless, therefore not noticeable. 


How it works:

1. Get in contact with us to find out our dental partners closest to you   

2. We will receive a digital file of your jaws

3. Get the video of the design process and approve it 

4. Get your Simbaligner produced and shipped to you! 

Simbaligners are clear aligners that are used to straighten teeth that are crooked or misaligned. They are a comfortable and barely noticeable alternative to braces, and are ideal for making minor adjustments to the front teeth to achieve the desired smile. These transparent and thin splints offer a comfortable fit and are hardly noticeable when worn. With Simbaligners, you can achieve the straight and beautiful smile that you deserve.

How it works:


1. Get an Intraoral scan and an OPG X-Ray done.

If you would like to book an appointment with us for a digital impression, please feel free to reach out or book an appointment here. For the OPG X-ray, we can assist you in finding a nearby location where you can get it done.

2. After our team of orthodontic experts captures the necessary scans

They will utilize them to design the ideal smile for you. Simultaneously, we will guide you to one of our dental partner clinics for an orthodontic assessment. Please remember to bring along the X-ray file when you visit the clinic. 

3. Upon mutual approval between you and the dentist

This will be shared with you through a 3D web viewer, we will initiate the production process of crafting your personalized Simbaligners

4. Simbaligners on the way to you

Once your Simbaligners are ready, they will be sent to your dentist, who will then get in touch with you to begin your treatment.


Where to find our Partner Clinics

Book an Affordable Intraoralscan Appointment for Just 5,000 KES Today

At Simba, we are passionate about using the latest technology to improve the dental experience for our clients. Our flagship product, the Simbaligner, uses advanced Intraoralscan technology to provide a comfortable and precise fit for our clients.

The Simbaligner is designed to be easy to use and suitable for any type of dental procedure, from preventative care to orthodontic treatments. We strive to make the process of getting a perfect smile simple and affordable. Come and experience the Simba difference today

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